Wilcox.jpgVolney Summer Reading ´╗┐Challenge

Did you know?

  • Reading 5 books over the summer prevents learning loss
  • Young people can lose 2-3 months of progress in reading achievement over the summer

According to research, kids participating in summer reading activities are better prepared for the new school year. They often show improvement in spelling, writing style, and vocabulary, as well as grammatical development. Kids who read during the summer recess are more likely to read at grade level compared to non-active readers!

Reading is a year-round activity and summer reading is very important. Volney students got a great start this year with his/her caterpillar books, leveled reader books, and Accelerated Reader books. Children need to continue to develop their appreciation of literature by being exposed to books. As parents/guardians, you have the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of literature with your child. Over the summer, the Fulton Public Library and our own library can provide the opportunity for you to continue to share the excitement and pleasure your child has found in books.

You can fill out the Summer Reading Log () with your child to meet the Volney Summer Reading Challenge. Please have them record the books that they read during the summer. If your child earns ten points or more during the summer, they will receive a special certificate and ice cream party the first week of school in September.

For your information, see the lists of recommended reading for preschool to 12th grade students and click on the grade level you are looking for.

Enjoy the summer, and happy reading!